Leads for Janitorial Services

Leads for Janitorial Services

Leads for Janitorial Services

Whether you’re an independent cleaner or a large cleaning service provider, this Side Kick Workflow uses AI and automation to help commercial cleaning companies book walk-throughs.

How This Works

Identify Local Businesses

Extract detailed, relevant, publicly available information from Google Maps for your preferred businesses like schools, clinics, dealerships, and restaurants.

Identify Large Businesses

Use LinkedIn to identify software, media and other companies with 50 to 500 employees headquartered in your city.

Identify Decision Makers

Side Kick visits each website to identify decision makers. Side Kick also uses LinkedIn to identify Admin and Procurement decision makers.

Identify Email

Side Kick picks up all emails listed on each website. Side Kick also uses tools like Apollo and Snovio to find emails of decision makers.

Send Cold Emails

Side Kick sends emails crafted by our in-house Content Team. The team also builds and manages your cold email infrastructure.

Book Walk-throughs

Let customers who need walk-throughs book them directly with your team.

Why Side Kick?

Here's why commercial cleaning companies use Side Kick for their business development efforts.

Google Ads is Crowded

Targeted cold emails find those businesses that are not searching on Google and help you avoid competition.

Unhappy Facility Managers

Cold emails help you find facility managers who are unhappy with their current provider, but are not actively searching just yet.

Excess Capacity

You have excess capacity and can take on more work, but do not want to hire door-to-door sales professionals.

Target New Businesses

Side Kick can help you target businesses that have opened less than 7 days ago so you can get in before any of your competitors.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of 3 months


10000 leads engaged.


25 walk-throughs.


3 to 5 new clients.

Free Value Added Service

Cold Email Content

Side Kick's Cold Email Team is responsible for constantly improving your cold email copies.

Cold Email Infrastructure

Side Kick uses multi-domain email infra to get up to 75% open rates and 5% positive responses.

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