Targeting Local Businesses

Targeting Local Businesses

Targeting Local Businesses

Side Kick is a marketing and sales automation platform. This Side Kick Workflow helps you use leverage Google Maps public data to target small local businesses like Yoga Studios, Architects, Accountants, etc.


Extract Local Data

Automatically gather detailed public information from Google Maps for specified business categories and cities.

AI-Driven Data Extraction

Train AI to navigate websites and capture essential contact information for decision-makers, including names and contact details.

Email Identification

Construct an email waterfall to identify additional relevant emails. Including guessing the generic info, contact, support, etc. emails.

Email Sequence Enrolment

Use any email sequencer to send a sequence of automated cold emails.

Social Selling

Automate following, liking recent posts and sending DMs to targeted business accounts on Instagram.

Integrated Support and Partnerships

In-house specialist teams and trusted partners to support aligning your inbound and outbound efforts.

Email infrastructure

Side Kick's in-house email infrastructure team can build and maintain multi-domain, multi-inbox infrastructure that consistently drives 50%+ open rates.

Cold emails that convert

Side Kick's in-house content team uses our internal frameworks to help create + constantly optimize your cold emails.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of 3 months


30000+ targeted.


2500+ website visitors.


200+ new users acquired.

Who is this Workflow for?

Unable to scale local business outreach

You have seen some success selling to small business and want to scale.

Struggling to identify brick and mortar accounts

You are struggling to identify the right brick and mortar businesses to target.

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Want To Dive Deeper?

If you are struggling to target local businesses, this may be the Workflow for you!