Aligning Marketing & Sales

Aligning Marketing & Sales

Aligning Marketing & Sales

Side Kick is a marketing and sales automation platform. This Side Kick Workflow helps you use marketing efforts to better focus your outbound efforts.


Integration with Marketing

Integrate with your inbound efforts (LinkedIn ads, Clearbit website visitors, Google PPC campaigns) to build list of highly engaged companies.

Qualify Company

Your Side Kick will automatically qualify companies based on employee size, industry and hundreds of other data points.

Identify Leads

Next, your Side Kick will automatically find relevant leads at the engaged companies.

Fetch Contact Details

Find their valid email and phone number.

Upload to CRM

Deduplicate and upload the leads to your CRM.

Hand-crafted Emails

Tasks are created for your SDR to send out hand-crafted emails. Automated email sequence enrolment can also be done.

SDRs Make Dials

Calling tasks are created for your SDRs in your cold calling tool.

LinkedIn Connects

Automated (or manual) connection requests are sent on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn posts of all leads are tracked and pushed to Slack/Teams for SDR engagement.

Integrated Support and Partnerships

In-house specialist teams and trusted partners to support aligning your inbound and outbound efforts.

Hand crafted emails

Side Kick's in-house cold email content team invests upto 30 minutes per prospect to identify relevant ice-breakers.

Side Kick SDR

Nexta is a sibling SDR-as-a-Service entity that can help with cold calls and LinkedIn engagement.

Email infrastructure

Side Kick's in-house email infrastructure team can build and maintain multi-domain, multi-inbox infrastructure that consistently drives 50%+ open rates.

Demand generation

Side Kick works with trusted partners for building landing pages, content and running paid media campaigns that are integral to your inbound success.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of 3 months


3000+ leads engaged.


75 to 90 MQLs created.


25 to 30 SQLs created.

Who is this Workflow for?

Disjointed Marketing and Sales Efforts

Your marketing and sales are working independent of each other.

Marketing Investment not Driving ROI

Inbound efforts are not driving meetings, or attribution is a challenge.

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Want To Dive Deeper?

If you are struggling to align Marketing and Sales, this may be the Workflow for you!