Tracking Job Changes

Tracking Job Changes

Tracking Job Changes

Side Kick is a marketing and sales automation platform. This Side Kick Workflow leverages automation to keep your sales pipeline in motion by tracking job changes of your existing customers and users.


Integrate with CRM

Automatically sync with any CRM to continuously monitor and identify leads in specific deal stages, including Closed Won.

Track LinkedIn for Job Changes

Track customers' and suspected users' LinkedIn profiles for any job change updates, ensuring you never miss a move.

Enrich New Company for ICP Match

Once a job change is detected, Side Kick will enrich the new employer's data to ensure they match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Identify New Email

Automatically find and verify the new work email of the customer at their new company.

Enrol into Email Sequence

Enroll the contact into a well-crafted automated email sequence designed to re-engage them in their new role.

Create Cold Calling Task

Generate tasks for your sales reps to reach out via cold calls, helping maintain a human touch.

Integrated Support and Partnerships

In-house specialist teams and trusted partners to support your US GTM efforts.

Hand crafted emails

Side Kick's in-house cold email content team invests upto 30 minutes per prospect to identify relevant ice-breakers.

Consultative cold calls

Nexta is a sibling entity that focuses on calling into large enterprise accounts where the sales cycle is long and the contract value is large.

Demand generation

Side Kick works with trusted partners for building landing pages, content and running paid media campaigns that are integral to your US GTM success.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of 3 months

Enhanced Engagement

1000 leads engaged with 2% to 5% positive engagement.

Quality Meetings

1% to 2% opportunities with 10 meetings booked.

Scalable Tactics

Repeatable, predictable, scalable GTM play defined.

Who is this Workflow for?

Companies with many customers

Ideal for companies with hundreds and thousands of customers who have already experienced their product.

Companies with High NPS

Companies with high Net Promoter Scores can use this Workflow to make the most of their high customer satisfaction.

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Want To Dive Deeper?

If you are looking for a high intent and low effort outbound play, this is the Workflow for you!