Realise your US Ambitions

Realise your US Ambitions

Realise your US Ambitions

Side Kick is a marketing and sales automation platform. This Side Kick Workflow helps you drive strategic meetings in the US with precision.


Identify High-Intent US Accounts

Leverage public and private data sources to extract accounts that show clear buying signals, aligning with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Discover Key Decision Makers

Target individuals with the authority to make purchasing decisions, using advanced data tools and analytics for precision.

Engage Through LinkedIn Ads

Create and deploy highly targeted ad campaigns over two weeks, designed to capture the attention of your key personas with tailored messages.

Hand-Crafted Emails

Side Kick's content team will create email sequences that resonate on a personal level, utilizing GPT to ensure relevance and increase engagement.

Track Leads on LinkedIn

Track all key decision makers on LinkedIn for posts, awards, news mentions, promotions and job exits.

Establish Relevance of Posts

Use GPT to assess LinkedIn post relevance and generate meaningful, contextual comments.

Instant Notifications

Receive real-time updates of LinkedIn activity in Slack or Teams, allowing your team to act swiftly on emerging engagement opportunities.

Integrated Support and Partnerships

In-house specialist teams and trusted partners to support your US GTM efforts.

Hand crafted emails

Side Kick's in-house cold email content team invests upto 30 minutes per prospect to identify relevant ice-breakers.

Consultative cold calls

Nexta is a sibling entity that focuses on calling into large enterprise accounts where the sales cycle is long and the contract value is large.

Demand generation

Side Kick works with trusted partners for building landing pages, content and running paid media campaigns that are integral to your US GTM success.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of 3 months

Enhanced Engagement

1000 leads engaged with 2% to 5% positive engagement.

Quality Meetings

1% to 2% opportunities with 10 meetings booked.

Scalable Tactics

Repeatable, predictable, scalable GTM play defined.

Who is this Workflow for?

Launching new markets

You have some success. You want to scale that to a new market like the US or Europe.

Targeted ABM outbound

You want to run ABM outbound on a specific set of accounts with large contract values.

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Want To Dive Deeper?

If you are struggling to crack US GTM, this may be the Workflow for you!