Simplify LinkedIn approach

Simplify LinkedIn approach

Simplify LinkedIn approach

Side Kick is a marketing and sales automation platform. This Side Kick Custom Workflow helps you turn passive browsing into active lead engagement with intent-driven outreach.


Keyword Tracking

Dive into the vast sea of LinkedIn posts with targeted keyword tracking that brings relevant conversations to your doorstep.

AI Analysis

Utilize GPT's power to determine the relevance of posts and posters, ensuring you engage with the right leads.

Identify the Right People

Uncover valuable company insights, enabling tailored strategies that resonate with your ideal customer profile.

Precision in Targeting

Filter leads by industry and size, focusing your efforts where they count.

Enrich Data

Gain access to enriched contact details, including - emails, phone numbers, and more, making every outreach effort count.

Personalized Outreach

Stand out with custom email sequences and LinkedIn connection requests that hit the mark.

Integrated Support and Partnerships

In-house specialist teams and trusted partners to support your US GTM efforts.

Hand crafted emails

Side Kick's in-house cold email content team invests upto 30 minutes per prospect to identify relevant ice-breakers.

Consultative cold calls

Nexta is a sibling entity that focuses on calling into large enterprise accounts where the sales cycle is long and the contract value is large.

Demand generation

Side Kick works with trusted partners for building landing pages, content and running paid media campaigns that are integral to your US GTM success.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of 3 months

Efficiency at Scale

Replace the workload of an entire team with automated, intelligent workflows that do the heavy lifting for you.

Enhanced Engagement

Crafts personalized outreach based on intelligent analysis, boost response rates, have more conversations.

Precise Outreach

Automate identification and enrichment of lead data for direct outreach, connect with the right decision-makers.

Drive tangible outcomes on LinkedIn

Connect with a purpose, precision, and personal touch that sets you apart.