Empower your sales cycle

Empower your sales cycle

Empower your sales cycle

Side Kick is a marketing and sales automation platform. This Side Kick Custom Workflow helps you streamline your CRM updates and engagement.


Identify New Senior Hires

Leverage advanced data mining and analytics to pinpoint new senior hires within your key accounts, ensuring your team focuses on the most relevant contacts.

Enrich for Updated Valid Email

Use cutting-edge email verification tools to obtain accurate and up-to-date email addresses, enhancing the reliability of your contact data.

Check CRM for Duplicates

Implement smart algorithms to review your CRM data for any duplicates, ensuring your database remains clean and efficient.

Update CRM with Details

Automatically sync enriched contact details with your CRM, keeping your database current and ready for targeted actions.

Send a Slack Notification

Immediately notify your sales and marketing teams via Slack when a new senior hire is identified and added to the CRM. Take instant action.

Enrol into an Email Sequence

Engage new senior hires with tailored email sequences, crafted to resonate and initiate meaningful dialogues.

Integrated Support and Partnerships

In-house specialist teams and trusted partners to support your US GTM efforts.

Hand crafted emails

Side Kick's in-house cold email content team invests upto 30 minutes per prospect to identify relevant ice-breakers.

Consultative cold calls

Nexta is a sibling entity that focuses on calling into large enterprise accounts where the sales cycle is long and the contract value is large.

Demand generation

Side Kick works with trusted partners for building landing pages, content and running paid media campaigns that are integral to your US GTM success.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of 3 months

Increase Efficiency

Automate the identification and verification of new senior hires, saving {X} time and resources.

Enhanced Engagement

Deploy personalized email sequences to engage {X} new contacts, fostering {X} new relationships from the onset.

Improved CRM Integrity

Ensure your CRM is current and duplicate-free, enhancing your marketing and sales strategies by {X}.

Automate the mundane

If you're struggling with keeping your CRM fresh with relevant contacts or engaging new hires effectively, this workflow is for you.