Leverage Job Posts for Qualified Meetings: Marketing and Sales Automation

Unleash the power of job post data for marketing and sales automation. Learn how Side Kick automates outreach and drives conversions with personalised emails.


Job posts are a powerful intent signal that can enhance your marketing automation and sales automation efforts. They’re the easiest publicly available intent data you can find to know about your target company’s growth and expansion plans, their immediate needs, budget allocation, and more. This makes them an excellent indicator of potential business opportunities across various sectors.

At Side Kick, we leverage job post data to automatically qualify companies, identify key individuals, and reach out with highly personalised emails, or other outbound marketing and sales efforts of your pick. This innovative, automated workflow saves time, boosts engagement, and drives conversions by aligning your outreach with the specific needs and timing of your prospects.

Making the case for Intent Data that comes from job posts

When you hear "job post," you probably think of recruiting. But job posts are more than just hiring ads—they're clues about a company's growth and expansion. If we see them as intent signals, they can change how we approach marketing and sales.

Who is this Workflow for?

This workflow is for any business wanting to improve their marketing and sales emails. Whether you’re in tech, healthcare, finance, or another industry, job posts can provide valuable intent data that shows a company's needs and priorities.

Job Post as an Intent Signal

Job posts can be a top strategy for outbound marketing if they highlight a pain point for your ideal customer.

For instance, if a company is looking to hire junior sales staff, it might mean they need to boost their sales efforts quickly. This is a perfect time to introduce your sales automation solutions, offering them an efficient alternative to hiring more people.

Job posts often mention the technologies a company uses, making them a great source for spotting tech investment signals. If a job post mentions they need experience with certain marketing automation tools, it’s a clue about their tech stack. This helps you tailor your outreach, showing how your product can work with or improve their existing systems. This method works well for industries that are growing fast or changing a lot.

Tech companies, for instance, update their job posts frequently to reflect their evolving needs. A LinkedIn post looking for a new DevOps engineer signals they are expanding their tech infrastructure.

Similarly, if a healthcare company is hiring data analysts, it shows they are focusing more on data-driven decisions, which might be a good opportunity for your data solutions.

By viewing job posts as intent signals, you can find hidden opportunities and create highly personalized, effective outreach. This not only boosts your buyer intent data but also gives you an edge over competitors who still see job posts in the traditional way.

Intent in Every Job Post - The Workflow

This is one of the earliest introduced and the most commonly used Side Kick workflows, used extensively internally too.

  1. Track Job Posts Daily Side Kick automatically monitors job listings on Indeed daily to identify new posts from target accounts and industries. By tracking job posts daily, we ensure that no opportunities are missed for companies are actively looking to expand their sales teams, who could use our sales automation solution.

    For example: We use this workflow internally to identify companies posting junior sales jobs, indicating a need, budget, or urgency to build out their sales funnel. This suggests potential interest in our AI SDR solution.

  2. Enrich Company Data Side Kick leverages automations to enrich company data with team size, growth rates, technology investments, fundraising information, and more. Enriching company data helps us match our ICP better, and tailor our outreach too.

    For example: We enrich data such as industry, number of employees, and founded date from the company's LinkedIn page. This helps us understand the company's scale and potential fit for our solutions.

  3. Filter for ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) Match Side Kick applies smart filters to focus efforts on the most relevant and strategic accounts. Filtering for ICP match helps concentrate sales efforts on companies that have the highest potential to benefit from your solutions, increasing the likelihood of successful engagements.

    For example: We ensure the company is B2B, has between 25 and 500 employees, and was founded after 2000. This helps us target companies that are more likely to benefit from our services.

  4. Find Decision Makers Side Kick uses Apollo and ZoomInfo to pinpoint key decision-makers within the target companies, improving your campaign’s success rate.

    For example: We find individuals like Robert at these companies and add them to our lead database. This ensures our outreach targets the right people who can make purchasing decisions.

  5. Enrich for Valid Emails Side Kick employs an advanced email waterfall process, using 3-4 email tools to confirm the accuracy of decision-makers' email addresses. This ensures outreach is precise and effective. Validating email addresses is essential for maintaining a high delivery rate and avoiding bounce-backs.

  6. Personalize with AI Side Kick sends details from the job posting to GPT to craft personalized outreach messages that resonate deeply with the recipient. Personalizing emails with AI allows us to create highly relevant and engaging messages, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

    For example: For companies running LinkedIn ads, we highlight how our AI SDR can enhance their outbound motion. For those not running ads, we focus on improving team productivity without increasing team size.

  7. Enroll into an Email Sequence Side Kick initiates tailored email sequences that leverage job post insights for personalized communication. Enrolling leads into personalized email sequences ensures nurturing that helps move the lead further down the sales funnel.

    For example: We create dynamic email frameworks that adapt to specific variables like the presence of LinkedIn ads, ensuring each message is relevant and engaging.

About Side Kick

Side Kick is an outbound marketing automation and sales automation platform that blends data extraction, intent data, and AI to automate and elevate outbound growth strategies.

Key Outcomes with Side Kick

  • Reduce Sales Cycles: By extracting intent from every imaginable public and private data source, Side Kick narrows the focus to the most promising leads and opportunities.

  • Increase Pipeline Velocity: Automation frees sales personnel from manual, repetitive tasks, allowing them to dedicate more attention to nurturing and converting each sales opportunity.

  • Enhance ABM Engagement: Real-time identification of key events across all account based marketing accounts ensures that the sales team can take immediate, informed actions so they can build meaningful and lucrative relationships.

  • Reduce SDR Dependency: Emulating what IKEA does for home building, Side Kick does for your growth strategies. The platform enables you to build your own SDR army with minimal need to hire, train, manage, or retain a large workforce.

Customizable Workflows Over 200 Ways

Side Kick offers over 200 customizable workflows to support any conceivable outbound goal, enhancing the capabilities of your sales team to:

  • Target: Identify ICP matching accounts and leads with advanced data extraction and intent analysis.

  • Enrich: Enhance the depth of information on accounts and leads using any public and private data source.

  • Engage: Use AI to track key events and personalize outbound engagement effectively.

Scalability across Business Stages

Whether you're a startup looking to accelerate discovery, a scale-up streamlining successful strategies, or an enterprise expanding market reach, Side Kick tailors its offerings to suit your business’s specific stage and needs:

  • Start-up: Accelerate discovery with controlled experiments to pinpoint and replicate successful outbound strategies for steady lead generation.

  • Scale-up: Streamline your successful strategies, liberate your team from routine tasks, and amplify your ABM campaigns to unprecedented levels.

  • Enterprise: Expand your market reach with advanced intent detection and streamline sales processes with direct integration into Slack/Teams, enhanced by dynamic ABM and event-driven insights.

If you're seeking scalable outbound plays for predictable growth, Side Kick is the marketing and sales automation platform that offers the tools and insights necessary to refine your strategy. By leveraging intent, automating manual tasks, and employing AI creatively, your team can focus on what truly matters—building relationships and closing deals.

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