Build your own SDR

Build your own SDR

Side Kick's customizable Workflows bring intent, automations and AI into all your growth efforts. So your human team members can focus on giving more headspace to each opportunity.

End to end Automation

End to end Automation

Finding Accounts

Use intent to extract ICP accounts from LinkedIn, Apollo, scrape conference attendees, Google Maps, Indeed, Crunchbase and any other data source.

Finding Leads

Run one (or more) real time lead searches on every target company using any data tool including Sales Navigator. Use GPT to remove unwanted leads. Find warm intros via investors & alumni networks.


Enrich accounts for team size, growth rates, keywords, technology installs. Enrich leads for valid emails, phone numbers. Deduplicate and add leads, accounts, tasks to any CRM.


Leverage GPT to personalise messaging. Integrate your tech stack. Auto enrol into email sequences. Automate LinkedIn outreach and engagement. Create calling tasks for sales reps.

The Side Kick Platform

The Side Kick Platform

Initial Setup

In two weeks, we streamline your tech stack with integrations for seamless data flow between CRM, sequencers, dialers, data tools, Slack/Teams and Sidekick. We also conceptualise and customise the first set of your workflows.

Automation Pod

All Side Kick customers get access to a dedicated team of 3 - Account Manager, Sales Ops professional and Engineer. The Pod is responsible to work with you and customize your Workflows.

200+ Workflows

200+ pre-fabricated workflows can be quickly customised by your Automation Pod. New workflows can be built at no additional cost.

Sample Workflows

US GTM to drive 10 meetings

  • Identify US accounts using intent

  • Identify decision makers

  • Run LinkedIn ads for 2 weeks

  • Send personalised email sequence

  • Track LinkedIn posts of leads

  • Establish post relevance using GPT

  • Push relevant posts to Slack/Teams

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Contact new senior hires

  • Identify new senior hires

  • Enrich for updated valid email

  • Check CRM for duplicates

  • Update CRM with details

  • Enrol into an email sequence

Extract intent from job posts

  • Visit an Indeed job search daily

  • Find the company's LinkedIn

  • Filter for industry + size

  • Find decision makers on ZoomInfo

  • Enrich for valid emails

  • Use job post + GPT to personalise

  • Enrol into an email sequence

Extract intent from LinkedIn posts

  • Track LinkedIn posts for keywords

  • Establish post relevance with GPT

  • Establish poster relevance with GPT

  • Identify company of poster

  • Filter for industry and size

  • Enrich poster for valid email

  • Send personalised email sequence

  • Send LinkedIn connection request

Scraping Google Maps

  • Extract all relevant businesses

  • FIlter based on website + reviews

  • Filter on number of locations

  • Identify info/contact email on site

  • Identify company LinkedIn

  • Identify deicsion makers and email

  • Repeat Maps search in 30 days

  • Identify newly opened locations

  • Push new locations to Slack

Why Side Kick's Workflows?

Why Side Kick's Workflows?

Why Side Kick's Workflows?

"Because your human team should not be doing mindnumbing, manual, repetitive tasks anymore.

Let them use all their headspace to focus on creative tasks instead.

Your opportunities will grow, sales cycles will reduce, contract values will increase and your overall team morale will be higher."

Founder at Side Kick

Automate what you can.

Automate what you can.

Automate what you can.

Block time to understand if Side Kick is right for you.

Block time to understand if Side Kick is right for you.

Block time to understand if Side Kick is right for you.